Our Handlers & K9s

Committed to the Cause


Terri White & Kya


Kya is a 7 year old German Shepard. 
Terri and Kya are training in HRD.


Terri White & Takotah


Takota is a 2 year old German Shepherd.
Terri and Takotah are training in Area Search.


Sarah & Kylie

Vice President

Kylie is a 5 year old miniature Australian Shepherd. 
Sarah and Kylie are training in Tracking.


Sarah & Jameson

Vice President

Jameson is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd.
Sarah and Jameson are in training for HRD.


Meagan & Odessa


Odessa is a 2 year old Black & Tan Coonhound. 
Meagan and Odessa are working in Tracking.

Nathan & Lola 5 9 2021.JPG

Nathan & Lola

K9 Handler

Lola is a 2 year old GSD/Lab/Border Collie/ Husky mix.
Nathan and Lola are in training in Tracking.


Jessica & Gigi

K9 Handler

Gigi is a 6 year old Austrailian Shepherd.
Jessica and Gigi are training in HRD.

Courtny & Gambit  1 30 2022.JPG

Courtny & Gambit

K9 Handler

Gambit is a year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix.
Courtny and Gambit are training in Area Search.


Isabele & Atlanta

K9 Handler

K9 Atlanta is a 4 year old Husky/GSD/Rottweiler mix.
Isabele and Atlanta are training in HRD.


Josh & Stitch 

K9 Handler

Stitch is under a year old and a German Shepard / Catahoula mix.
Josh and Stitch are beginning their training and have not picked a discipline.